Jamarska zveza Slovenije - JZS

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Jamarska zveza Slovenije
Lepi pot 6
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Tel:  01/42-93-440
Fax: 01/42-93-440
Uradne ure: vsak četrtek med 18. in 20. uro v prostorih Katastra jam JZS na Zeleni poti v Trnovem v Ljubljani.

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Cave Rescue Service

Accidents also happen in caves. They are frequent among those who do not visit caves intentionally, but slip or fall into them by accident. Domestic and wild animals are no exception. Venturing into caves without adequate knowledge of caving itself often results in accidents. However, even the most experienced cavers do get injured while exploring the underground.

Cave Rescue Service (Jamarska reševalna služba - JRS) operates within the Speleological Association of Slovenia (JZS). The origins of the latter date back to the 19th century; gradually, due to need of rescuing, JRS has developed. Its official beginnings go back to 1959. Based on the »Act on the Protection against Natural and other Disasters (OJ RS, 51/06)« JRS is defined as public service for protection, rescue and relief which operates independently within the Speleological Association of Slovenia. In order to successfully perform tasks in accordance with »Regulation on the Organization, Equipment and Training of Protection, Rescue and Aid Forces (OJ RS, 92/07)« JRS has signed contracts with 55 rescuers, chosen from a group of over 200 trained rescuers, that carry operations throughout the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. They are organized into seven rescue centers (Ljubljana, Postojna, Sežana, Tolmin, Kranj, Velenje and Novo mesto). JRS operations are co-financed by Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

In case of an accident dial 112.

In case of severe accident of major proportions JRS is ready to assist in rescue throughout the territory of EU. For such situations JRS does a lot of work also internationally, it cooperates with other cave rescue services. A prime example of such cooperation is EU Proteus Project co-financed by the EU (link).

When you dial 112 a dispatcher in the regional notification centre answers.

The dispatcher will alert appropriate search and rescue services according to the nature of the reported emergency. It is easiest to just follow the lead and answer all his questions. Before you leave the cave take note of the following:

WHO is calling

WHAT happened (accident/injury in a cave)

WHERE did it happen (cave name or id number)

WHEN did it happen

HOW MANY are injured

NATURE of the injuries

• what type of ASSISTANCE is necessary

• accident place description (depth, distance from entrance, name of the place in the cave, obstructions on the path)

• place where you will wait for the rescuers