Jamarska zveza Slovenije - JZS

~ 1889 ~


Jamarska zveza Slovenije
Lepi pot 6
1000 Ljubljana
Tel:  01/42-93-440
Fax: 01/42-93-440
Uradne ure: vsak četrtek med 18. in 20. uro v prostorih Katastra jam JZS na Zeleni poti v Trnovem v Ljubljani.

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Additional information

If you have any questions regarding caves and caving in Slovenia, please feel free to ask. You can send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will reply as soon as possible.

Entry telephone code for Slovenia

  • SI +386

Useful informations and links:

  • Cave Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu podzemnih jam).(download PDF file)
  • Brochure "Caving in Slovenia and Croatia". (download PDF file)
  • Template for USJD permit »qualification for autonomously operating in caves« (download .doc file)
  • UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign Countries (link)
  • Karst Research Institute (link)
  • EU - Proteus (link)


Presentation of caving:

  • Caves, the pearls of the underground (PDF)
  • Knowledge is needed for visiting caves (PDF)
  • A clean cave is a source of healthy drinking water (PDF)
  • The cave rescue service saves (PDF)